88 Inch Carwagons

RegistrationBase VehicleModelCondition *Remarks
KPG***C2a SafariSearle Safari (MKI)1Owned since 2010,  having many extras including rear awning poles, front toolbox,  back door cooker, map light, map table,  split charging system + many more. Currently missing Front Jerrican holders.My own vehicle for more information
NPG 547D2a VanSemi Sation Wagon7Email if you have any more information
MPC 277D2a VanSemi Station Wagon4On Ebay Aug 2012. Fittings removed from rear.  
PPC ***E2a VanSearle Safari
2Was on Ebay Dec 2010.  Current owner got in touch Dec 2012,  in my opinion has done outstanding work on this little motor getting it back to running condition!
CJB 999F2a VanSearle Safari MKII7Exported to USA, email if you have any more information
TUW ***F2A VanMini-Carawagon3Eric's (Loz2286 on S2C Forum) Min-Carawagon,  bought as a project, currently undergoing restoration.
YPF 533G2A SafariSearle Safari MKII7Les from LRCC and the S2C forum notified me of this one that he saw at a Classic Car show in Ripon during June 2012.  Apparantley the owner did not know what he had! In other pictures you can see the existance of the holes for the awning rails,  however no awning rails exist.
WLT ***GSearle Safari7Catnap on LRCC forum obtained a body for a Searle Safari,  he is currently converting an existing Land Rover to be a Pseudo Camper.
As this is not a true Searle,  I have graded this as condition 7
YPC 687G2a VanSearle Safari MKII1Seen in LROI April 2011,  owned by Annett and Marguerite Pierre
DME 333J2a SafariSearle Safari MKII7Exported to Australia.. Fitted with rear awning rails, and a 'short' roof rack.  No other fittings confirmed
DPL516J7Seen on Ebay, email if you have any more information
SDL ***J2a VanSearle Safari MKII3The current owner has owned this since 2000 now and in that time it has undergone a complete rebuild. Now sporting a soft top,  however original hard top has been kept. 
XCV ***J2a SafariSearle Safari MKII3Rowan's Jemima (Devon2a on S2C forum)
NPF ***L3Safari Mk III2John Carroll's Abersoch Express, LROI feature vehicle.  Beds re-created as they were none existent.  Currently sporting a 300tdi
PPD 659L3 VanSafari Mk III4Seen on Ebay Aug 2012. Has beds,  Email if you have any more information.
PPG ***L3 VanSafari Mk III3Much loved by current owner of 10 years, having a lot of TLC. Unfortunate to have the fittings missing.
PPJ 782L3 VanSafari Mk III4Seen on Ebay Mar 2012,  beds removed. Email if you have any more information
SPF ***M3 SafariStation Wagon3In daily use as a second vehicle. Owner is hoping to convert back to original specification.
JYJ***N3 VanStation Wagon1Originally registerd as HLC524N then gained registration 3PX now on an appropiate age related plate. With the same owner for last 10 years.
TOC 655S3 SafariSafari Mk III4Seen on Ebay Sep 2012,  beds removed.  Email if you have any more information
JLE 930V3Safari Mk III7Email if you have any more information

* Conditions are as follows:
1 - Restored / running in original condition
2 - Modified / major fittings missing, running
3 - Under restoration or to be restored
4 - Salvagable
5 - Fit for spares
6 - Broken up
7 - Not Known
If you have any information regarding any of these vehicle please do not hesitate to email admin@88inchcarawagons.co.uk

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