88 Inch Carwagons

Identifying a Carawagon vehicle:

I have put together a list on helping you to identify a Carawagon vehicle,  the list is no way extant and concentrates on the 88" version as opposed to the 109" vehicles.  The list will be updated as and when new information becomes available.

The Badges

First things indicating it was a Carawagon Vehicle would be the badges,  if it has a 'flattened diamond' badge on the wings and rear OR a converted / supplied by Searle badge on the Rear of the vehicle and the seatbox. Then you may have a Carawagon vehicle on your hands, both styles of badges have been known to have been used on the same vehicle.

The Registration

A Sunbury registration,  the classic example is a middle P in the registration for example DPG 864G the middle P would indicate that it was a Sunbury (or roundabout that area) registration.  However with all vehicles,  some did not get registered with Searle,  and others were conversions on exisiting vehicles so not an exact science, but it is a good indication.

The Bulkhead

Cutaway internal bulkhead,  could be indications of a previous life as a Safari / Mini Carawagon,  only further investion can tell.

List of known conversion styles:

Searle Safari

Series 2 base vehicle. Seats 7, sleeps 2. Seat bulkhead cut away,  removable bracing bar used for seat support. One seat in rear converting to one 'double' 6'2" x 3' 0" bed.

Searle Safari MKII

Series 2 base vehicle. Seats 7, sleeps 2.  Replaced Searle Safari (MKI) Version.  Seat bulkhead cut away,  removable bracing bar used for seat support.  Two seats in rear converting to two single 6' 2" x 2' 0" beds

Searle Safari MKIII

Same as Searle Safari MKII but using a Series 3 for the base vehicle instead of Series 2.


Series 2 base vehicle*. Seats 4, sleeps 2. Converted alongside the Searle Safari Versions.  Seat bulkhead cut away, one seat in rear converting to one double 6'2" x 3'0" bed. Fitted with cabinet in R/H side of vehicle load area, encompassing a wash bowl and butane stove. Foldaway table,  full lengh roof pockets, curtained wardrobe, cubby box.

Semi Station Wagon / Super Station Wagon

Series 2 base vehicle**  Seats 5 (with forward facing seats) or 7 (with side facing seats). Van sides,  with 'safari roof' fitted with alpine lights.  Van sides are trimmed in white vinyl internally.  Some sales literature show a SWB vehicle with Hub caps.

* I have mentioned the Series 2 as a base vehicle as I have no known record of there ever being a Series 3 Mini-Carawagon.  Only one vehicle I have known to exist and I have only ever seen brochures with Series 2's.

**Again,  I have only ever heard of 2 examples, both series 2 along with literature that only includes Series 2s.

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