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More information and photo's about Priscilla!

I bought Priscilla in October 2010,  I knew what she was but I didn't quite know how rare a beast  she was.  I remember sitting having breakfast one day perusing eBay (as you do)thinking what a nice vehicle.  I showed her to my wife who thought another bloody Land Rover!  
I eventually made contact with the seller,  to my luck he was off work on the sick,  he told me that he was selling it to fund his Morris-Minor habit and that I could have a look.  We drove covered the 200 odd miles across to Ipswich,  as soon as I got there the seller informed me that I should have brought a bag of cash and we could have talked money.  After a drive (in which my wife insisted that we were not leaving without it) we agreed on a price and I drove her home!  
The day after purchase, sitting on the drive, showing awning rail and awning bar!
Front view showing locker, if you look close enough you can see the little rubber buffers for the Jerry-Can holders
Passenger seat view,  showing map table, map reading light and front blind!.
Back door cooker,  along with homemad cupboards (now removed)
Stuck on a green lane,  vowed never to take her green laning again!
Although no damamge was done (it did got very dirty) and even though I vowed I wouldn't take it onto a greenlane again,I took it greenlaning 2 more times.  Then I bought another Land Rover (one I didn't mind too much if I damaged it)
When I purchased Priscilla the door blinds were not fitted,  these blinds were Carawagon specific - I thought that they would never get replaced,  however on eBay one day I noticed that a Breakers yard over in Runcorn was breaking a C reg Carawagon, it turned out he had the blinds too so we went over to get them,  although he didn't have a blind specific for the back door,  I ended up cutting down a side blind and fitting that
A mod that I thought would be in keeping with the whole Camper / Carwagon scene would be these oil can holders.  They're a convenient place to store fluids in a Land Rover, as the space was originally designed for the second battery,  however it has since become redundant space.  I got the idea from an ex SAS Pinky that went to LATP a few years ago.

The original pinky oil cans in the above picture,  my home made affairs in the bottom picture!
At the tail end of summer 2012 we decided that we would go away for a few days.  We decided to catch the ferry to Santander,  drive over the Pyrenees the scenic route, stop there for a few days and then onto my Dad's place in mid France.

Just after crossing the border between France and Spain.

Camping in a campsite at the foot of the Pyrenees.

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