88 Inch Carwagons

Hello and welcome to my site, 88 inch Carawagons.  I started this site primarily to record other 88 inch Carawagons as they seem to have been overlooked by most, dwarfed by their bigger brothers. However since John Carroll's project in LROI Magazine people are more aware of what they have and more and more “88 inch Carawagons” are being recognised for what they are.

I have named this website 88 inch Carawagons to cover all of Searle's (Later Carawagon International) variants that have been based on the 88" vehicle.  
Searle started out as a boat builder, then moved into campervan conversions with the growing popularity of campervans in a post-war Britain. It wasn't just Land Rovers that Searle converted,  they converted many more vehicles including Bedford Vans and VW Vans.  Searle didn't just stop at converting vehicles into campervans, they also converted standard vehicles into more upmarket versions of themselves,  giving them a touch of luxury as and where needed; Rovers, Land Rovers and Range Rovers to name just a few vehicles got the Searle special treatment

As at 07 Feb 13, 20 vehicles are on the register broken down as follows:

    15 x Searle Safari's (MKI, MKII & MKIII variants)

    1 x Mini Carawagon

    4 x Station Wagon's

   0 x Unknowns

If you have a vehicle that would be of interest please email me at admin@88inchcarawagons.co.uk

    Include some high quality photos, your name and a bit about your vehicle including:

        Land Rover Base Model

        Searle conversion

        Registration number (The registration number will not be published on the website)

        Any items missing

        Any extras

        How long you've had the vehicle

        Anything else that may be of interest / relevant.

As at Feb 2013, this website is still pretty much work in progress, keep coming back for updates

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Last updated 07 Feb 13